Look inside

A practical guide to look your subconsciousness in the eyes. Meeting the other person inside your head and making friends.

Covering: The alien hand syndrome, Lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, atos falhos.

Business, Business, Business

What I’have learned until here. A guide to my sons.

Love: Another how to guide

Featuring: how this thing works, 10 steps to (fuck this shit!), Love in evolution, The game, Attraction is not an option, Love yourself

Slow Success

Why success has to be slow.

Featuring: A ton of unicorns this almost died (AirBnb), the value of persistence over brightness (Thomas Edson), The increase of complexity over time and how this can ruin your legacy if it happens too fast.

Reality sucks!

The real nature of the universe is weird. Livre arbítrio could even not exist, determinism also could not exist, we could live in a giant simulation, decisions are make based mostly on instinct and automated responses than reasoning, economics and business are so much like a game that we feel ourselves being played by companies and governments. All this makes us feel insignificant and powerless. How to find a purpose among our insignificance? How to concil that with a meaningful life? How to connect the cold nature of reality with a purposeful existence?

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